Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What drives me to want to sell Real Estate and the "American Dream"

Hello, this is the beginning of my journey through the vast forest that we all tread through to reach the "American Dream".

I recently moved from Illinois hoping to start anew, and to begin my path toward the "American Dream".  So what is the "American Dream?"  Well, I've never really found any indication that there is only one dream.  Which leads to what the "American Dream" is to me. I believe it is having a family, owning my own home, growing in the community and finding meaningful work that I can take pride and joy in.  So where do I start? Is it possible to even accomplish one of these things, let alone all of them?  And so it began...

I didn't know where to start, or even what starting looked like.  In Illinois, I began by finding what I liked to do. I struggled a bit after returning home from the military. I needed a job.  Having a military background, I thought it would be easy.  Well, it turned out finding a job was harder to do than before I had entered the military.  But during my search I had a caring family and fianceĆ© that provided support and aid in my quest. I set my employment searches to include positions having to do with security to capitalize on the military experience I had. I finally found a position with Transitional Living Services (TLS) in Hebron, Illinois.  At TLS I worked as a Quartermaster for veterans who were transitioning from a rough patch in their own life. It was a part-time position, and was 3 days a week, from midnight till 8am.  Ouch!  But I knew that part time hours weren’t enough, so my search continued. 

I made friends at TLS, and also met many who, like me, just wanted to move forward with their lives and find and do something better.  Soon, an old friend heard of an opening for a full time Security Officer position in my local area. I applied for the position and was hired.  I continued my work as a Quartermaster and Security Officer until I was married.  I'm married! After the wedding, I left the Quartermaster position, which freed up my nights and allowed me to be home with my wife. I finally had completed a step in my journey.  But I knew security was a job that I understood and was good at, but not what I was proud of. It also didn’t start that opening conversation with someone new. This led me to want to move somewhere I could grow. Where better than toward my family—toward a foundation that has aided in my journey's beginning and the beautiful mountains of West Virginia.

Upon moving from Illinois I fell in love with the area and settled in Inwood, WV.  After 8 months, my wife and I had found our first home and were elated to begin the process of buying.  I knew a realtor, who is now my broker Mike Cooper, from my father who also had moved in the area a few years before me.  This is where it all begins for me and my journey to the "American Dream".  Of which the journey has only just begun.